About ABU

The ABU Arabian horse club was formed to promote and acknowledge the wonderful breed of horse called the Arabian.  ABU stands for Arabian Breeders United.  The members of the ABU Club promote the Arabian breed by attending local  community events and offer our beautiful horses for a hands on experience. 

The Arabian horses is one of oldest breed of horses and has been the foundation of many breeds.  They are versatile and participate in a number of activities.  They compete in local horse shows and many shows which are sanctioned by the Arabian Horse Association.

The ABU Arabian Horse Club offers an open show each Spring as well as an "A" rated show the beginning of each September.  The classes vary to accommodate the various disciplines.

The Arabian Horse Association is comprised of many regions.!!Each being comprised of local clubs.  The ABU .Arabian Horse Club is a member of Region 11 which holds meetings about three times a year to cover various topics regarding the Arabian horse.  In addition to their participation at the Regional level, the club elects a Delegate Director to represent the Club at the annual convention.  Resolutions are discussed which effect the welfare of the Arabian horse and the regulations by which the Purebred and Partbred Arabians our shown.

The ABU club offers an Open show, Nationally rated  horse show and an annual trail ride/picnic.  We invite you to come to one of our trail rides.  Again, you may also find club representation at many of the horse related community sponsored horse events.

Whether you own an Arabian or ride one..come check the ABU Arabian Horse Club out and discover the magnificent and versatile breed of horse they call the “ARABIAN”