Discontinuation of the Arabian Community Show (ACS) Program

After much consideration the Arabian Horse Association has decided to discontinue the Arabian Community Show (ACS) program. The program was first introduced in 2006 as a way to allow less experienced exhibitors a place to showcase their abilities in a non-intimidating show atmosphere. Through the years, and the introduction to One Day Show (ODS) program, the ACS program has seen a dramatic decline in participation, thus rendering the program less effective than when it initially started. Due to the decline, AHA has approved the discontinuation of the ACS program.

No further shows will be approved for the ACS program. Those shows that already exist on the calendar will be recorded. However, we still encourage participation in our other "show" programs. AHA offers an Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP) and the ODS program.

Through the OEIP, exhibitors will record their results on the AHA website instead of the show recording the results. This can be from any all-breed class or Arabian class from a non-recognized competition. There is a fee to record the results but when a milestone is reached, exhibitors will receive an award or recognition for that milestone. At the end of the year, a high point rider from each event category will receive a Year-end High Point Trophy. More information can be found by clicking here or by calling (303) 696-4500 #4 to speak to a representative.

The ODS program, much like ACS, was designed for a smaller show format. The ODS is considered a qualifying show but has less restrictions placed on them, making them affordable, while still having a laid-back atmosphere. Positive considerations for the program are:

  • Held in one day
  • Do not require an indoor arena
  • Exhibitors can tie to their trailers. Stalling area is not required
  • USEF membership is not required
  • Show Steward is not required
    Two back-to-back shows may be held to give the feel of a weekend show
  • Fees and expenses are to remain low for the club or group sponsoring the show, so they can in turn pass on the savings to the exhibitors.

These benefits make an affordable way for many Arabian horse exhibitors to show their horses, receive qualifications and remain involved with the breed. In addition, the former ACS format can be utilized in an AHA One Day Show. Open classes may be run for other breeds and/or grade horses to help supplement the income of the club or sponsoring group. AHA only records the recognized classes which are listed in the AHA Class List. Any classes can be added and can be customized to fit the show's target audience. AHA fees required to hold a One Day Show are as follows:

  • AHA Recognition fee - $100 if utilizing an "R" Arabian or Specialty Judge. $50 if utilizing an "r" Arabian Judge
  • 5-90 Judges and Stewards fee $4.00 per horse - Goes towards the training of AHA Judges
  • $4.00 per horse AHA fee

More information regarding AHA One Day Shows may be found by clicking here or by calling (303) 696-4500 #4 to speak to a representative.

***Please note that due to the discontinuation of the ACS program, the website no longer has the capability to create a new ACS competition. Your 2016 results will need to be recorded via the following link. The list of current recognized ACS shows is still available to individuals on AHA's Calendar of Events.